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Please note:
Due to ongoing planning activities some details and times are subject to change. We will add additional activities as we proceed.

Program in english: Programme (EN)
Tagesprogramm in deutsch: Programm Jubi-Treffen (DE)
Programme en français: Programme (FR)

Situationsplan Flugplatz St. Stephan

Wie ist unser Festgelände organisiert? 
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Conquer the world!

Search the treasure island, fight against sea monsters or other pirates, or just enjoy the fun on the pirate ship!

Our little “pirates” explore the fare seas and survive great adventures to remember for years to come!


Discovering the Alps from the helicopter?

Swisshelicopter is offering you the opportunety to enjoy breathtaking views at the surrounding Alps!

The Helicopter will be available on the festival ground for round trips on Saturday July 15th. You can choose your destination to suit your budget. Even a stopover on a glacier will be possible!

Booking and further information about the possible excursions directly with Swisshelicopter on Saturday 15th at their stand.


Papyrus-Hunter and the secret caverns!

You will get the chance to see the faous Papyrus-Hunter fighter jet and some of the secret caverns and bunkers of the former military airfield St. Stephan. The airfield was founded in 1941 and in service until the end of the cold war.
Did you know, the Hunter is like our Land Rovers an alloy and rivet construction from Great Britain!  

The visit is free to our guests!

Tourist Office St. Stephan

The community of St. Stephan and the tourist office have given us great support with the organization of our event! Their websites give you a good overview about the beautiful landscape and the touristic highlights of the Simmental area.

If you prefer to stay overnight in a nearby hotel or Guesthouse we recommend early booking! The tourist office will be happy assist you.

Community of St. Stephan:
Tourist Office Lenk/oberes Simmental:

oberes Simmental

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