Important Information about the Jubilee


  • Access to the site and to the camping zone is via the sawmill in the north of the runway, the exit is over the southern end of the runway (follow the signs).
  • The transit road is public and must remain free at all times.
  • Between the camping areas, a passage of at least 5 meters in width must be kept free at all times along the full length of the camping area (emergency services).
  • Access to and exit from the parking for day visitors is only permitted via the sawmill.
  • Step tempo applies throughout the entire area.
  • Please be responsible! We enforce a strict no drink–no drive policy on the entire area.


  • There are two different tours (Road books) to choose from. These tours lead partly over private terrain, the owners are paid a compensation for the use of their often narrow mountain lanes. The road books can therefore only be driven with a corresponding sticker (available at the registration office, a fee applies). The sticker must be displayed on the windscreen. The sticker is not transferable. Please drive carefully and respect the private properties of the land owners.
  • Other tour suggestions free of charge on public roads are available at the stand of the local tourist office beside the registration office.

Meadows and surroundings

  • The camping area for ground tents is on farmed meadows. The mown and designated parts of the meadows can be used for tents only. Vehicles, caravans and trailers must be parked on the runway. Driving with vehicles and caravans on the meadow is not permitted.
  • Please do not enter or short cut through cordoned off fields.
  • Dog owners are responsible for their four-legged companions. Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times and are under no circumstances allowed in the cordoned off fields. Dog owners must bring poop bags and pick up theirs dogs feces and dispose them at the next waste collection point.

Showers, toilets

  • Toilets and showers are beside the hangar. Portable drinking water will be available also beside the hangar.
  • Additional toilets are placed in the camping area.
  • We ask you to keep toilets and showers clean and tidy.


  • In the food mile, local products are sold by local suppliers.
  • We have asked them to provide quality food at moderate and fair prices. Please consider them.
  • Local shops are available in the villages of St. Stephan, Zweisimmen, and Lenk.


  • Waste containers are put up all over the area, please use them. We encourage you to deal responsibly with our resources.
  • Please help us to keep the camping ground free of rubbish, use the rubbish bags provided. In particular on the meadows, waste of any kind is to be avoided; the grass is used to feed cattle.


  • Open fire is not permitted on the entire site.
  • Gas or coal grills are permitted, but they must be on legs in order not to damage the meadows or runway surfaces.
  • In the area of ​​the food mile and bar, a large fire bowl is operated by the club. The bowl serves as a camp fire and meeting place for cozy night hours. Bring your own chairs and instruments.

First aid

  • Through the entire duration of the event, there will be a 24 hours first aid post beside the registration office.
  • Be kind to them, these people are locals trained in first aid and there for you in their free time.


  • As already mentioned in the section "access roads", a public road used sporadically by local traffic crosses our area. Please be careful with traffic and instruct your children to pay attention.
  • A bouncy castle is set up on the site for children in a safe area free of traffic. Nevertheless, you remain responsible for the safety of you children.


In the case of an emergency call +41 (0)79 400 58 41  (Daniel Hotz, President of the Club)

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